A’18 AIA Conference on Architecture 2018

In June 2018, I will be hosting a round-table discussion with three architects who are developing their own work at the Conference on Architecture in New York City.

See more information at the Conference on Architecture website at conferenceonarchitecture.com   Conference on Architecture | A'18 | Architect & Developer | James Petty | Jared Della Valle | Peter Guthrie | Alex Barrett

FR101: Architect & Developer: Self-Initiating Your Work

Have you ever felt that the role of the architect is far too passive and uncertain?

Too often, architects sit idly by until called upon for a commission. This panel will present proactive architects who are taking the initiative and developing urban amenities, public spaces, and homes across America. Every year, more architects are self-initiating their own projects, giving them the opportunity to generate additional fees, practice their craft, and explore new ideas by streamlining the building process.

This conversation will inspire you to disrupt complacency in favor of action and transformation.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Gain insight into strategies of obtaining project financing, from construction loans and investors to crowdsourcing and government subsidies.
  2. Learn to use design to create value and align the interest of architect and developer for better buildings and better cities.
  3. Explore the efficiency that comes from designing and executing a building when acting as both architect and developer, which means less time lost to coordination and endless presentations.
  4. Reflect on the work of architects who have self-initiated projects in New York City and around the country—and possibly even your own community.

Alex Barrett

Principal, Barrett Design, Brooklyn, New York

Peter Guthrie

Chief Creative Officer, Head of Design & Construction, Founder, DDG, New York, New York

Jared Della Valle

CEO, Founder, Alloy LLC, New York, New York

James Petty, AIA

Architect, Gluck+, New York, New York

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