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Architect as Developer

One of the most well-known online courses for architects interested in development is Jonathan Segal’s Architect as Developer course. This course is a pretty good starting place for anyone wanting to learn more about developing as an architect. I know a lot of architects who have taken this course. That said, it isn’t cheap. The course runs $499 with an optional subscription fee of $9.99 for continued access to the Jonny’s World videos where Jonathan gives periodic updates on his projects and answers questions from participants. Is it worth it? Hard to say. The course itself is only 4-hours long. The real meat of information is in the Jonny’s World videos. There are over 70 videos (usually a few minutes each) dating back from 2012. You will learn the most by going through each of these. He doesn’t add videos very often anymore, making the subscription less worthwhile. If you don’t mind dropping $500, then do it. You can learn just as much for a lot less money by reading real estate books. See some of the books I recommend on the Architect & Developer Books page {here}.

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See a podcast interview with Jonathan Segal {here}.


Real Estate Finance

with Joshua Kahr Columbia Real Estate

This is an actual university course offered by Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP). You can watch or listen to the entire course for free on iTunesU on their app or website at Professor Kahr does a fantastic job of teaching architects about real estate. He has also put the lecture series on his own YouTube page along with some Excel tutorials. Check those out {here}. If you are interested in real estate, start with a few lectures from this free online course.


You can watch entire semesters of college and graduate level courses from world-renowned universities and professors at your own leisure. Coursera hosts content from many universities which offer free online courses, with an optional paid service for those looking for online certification. Coursera has formed partnerships with Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania (including the Wharton School), the University of Chicago, Columbia University, Stanford University, and so many more. Finding courses that are directly about real estate isn’t easy, but they do have a number of interesting courses including Construction Finance offered by Columbia University and Financial Markets offered by Yale University. This is a fantastic free resource for understanding economics and general finance. When enrolling in a course, keep in mind that the default is a paid model. There is always an option somewhere (it isn’t always easy to find) to audit an online course for free.

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EdX is similar to Coursera but with partnerships at a different set of universities such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of California, Berkeley, Cornell University, and many more. They have a few courses in business and finance that could help you understand the fundamentals of real estate. There are a few courses more specific to real estate including Socially-Responsible Real Estate Development offered by MIT and Project Finance and Public Privet Partnerships Fundamentals offered by the New York Institute of Finance.

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C|S Architect as Developer Course

In 2016, Architect & Developer Danny Cerezo of C|S Design began putting together a course on Architect as Developer.  He has put together a number of videos that walk through a pro forma in a very easy to grasp way. Watch Danny’s videos if you are starting out and trying to understand how pro formas are used in real estate. Also, see more of Danny’s work at

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