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There are a number of great podcasts that have discussed the topic of an architect as developer or have interviewed architects who were self-initiating projects.

Business of Architecture

After struggling to find good business information for small firm architects online, Enoch Sears created the Business of Architecture {} platform – an online community which has helped hundreds of architects earn a better income and time freedom through good business skills. Enoch hosts a fantastic podcast that interviews architects from around the world. He has interviewed a number of Architects & Developers including:

Jonathan Segal {listen}

Matthew Segal {listen}

Hilary Scruggs of Operative Ventures {listen}

Rob Paulus {listen}

Zeke Freeman of Root Architecture and Development {listen}

Arch406 {listen}

Alex Gore and Lance Cayko of F9 Productions {listen}

Soheil Nakhshab {listen}


At EntreArchitect {}, their mission is simple: To help you build a better business, so you can be a better architect. A better business starts with planning for profit.

Placetailor {listen}

Zack de Vito: Design + Build {listen}

Inside the Firm

Inside the Firm {} is a raw look into the inner workings of an Architecture firm. Principles and host Alex Gore and Lance Cayko, dive into the nitty-gritty issues of how to start, run, and maintain your firm, to dealing with clients, codes issues, Revit tips and tricks, and more. The podcast is run by Architect & Developer firm F9 Productions from Longmont, CO. They speak often about their growth as an architecture firm, but also as one who develops.

National Real Estate Forum

The NREForum Series 2 podcast from National Real Estate Forum {} is oriented entirely to providing you with the tools you need to benefit from the transformational changes influencing the real estate industry as a result of the JOBS Act of 2012.  The JOBS Act gave rise to the phenomenon of crowd-funding.  Typically associated with business start-ups and ‘donation’ sites such as Kickstarter, the single greatest beneficiary of the Act has been the real estate industry.   For the first time since the advent of the internet, you can now raise money and invest in crowd funded real estate deals online. Dr. Adam Gower has interviewed Architect & Developer Jonathan Tate so far:

Jonthan Tate of OJT {listen}

Mike Benkert, AIA

Architect & Developer Mike Benkert started a video blog that documents his process of developing projects in urban Cincinnati, OH. He gives weekly updates on the process of design, development, and construction that is a fantastic hands-on learning experience. See his episodes on Also check out my interview with Mike {here}.

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