Jonathan Segal Lecture

Jonathan Segal Founder of Jonathan Segal Architecture our second speaker for the Spring 2013 Series with his lecture entitled “Architect as Developer” on March 21st.

The AIA Baltimore Spring 2013 Lecture Series is entitled SHIFT. This year’s series explores the shifting boundaries of the field of architecture as it continues to adapt to the evolution of digital technology, the desire for social impact, the redefinition of generational values, and the rise of creative financing models. In this time of dramatic transition, how can the discipline of architecture learn to be nimble and stay relevant? Each speaker presents a strategic response to these macro forces, expanding the range of architectural practice and blurring traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Jonathan Segal | Architect as Developer | Architect & Developer | Architect Developer

Jonathan Segal FAIA & Development Company has been awarded six national AIA Honor Awards for their housing work.

They have been responsible for the design and development of over 300 medium to high-density urban residential, mixed use, and live/work units totaling over 300,000 square feet of construction. Jonathan Segal is considered one of downtown San Diego’s most successful and pioneering residential architectural/development companies and has a reputation for providing superior housing at a lower cost than comparable properties. Their focus is exclusively on urban projects, ranging from 80 to 160 dwelling units per acre. Over the last 19 years Jonathan Segal has been the recipient of numerous accolades including 24 local, state and national AIA awards for residential and Urban Design.

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