Enoch Sears at the Business of Architecture podcast recently interviewed Architects & Developers Alex Gore & Lance Cayo of F9 Productions. Listen to the podcast and see show notes at businessofarchitecture.com. See more about F9 Productions at f9productions.com.

Some of my favorite quotes from this episode:

You can charge a developer fee on top of your architecture fee and defer that cost, and then the same thing for a contractor fee. So as a first-time developer we are hoping that all three of those things, which we want to equal 30 percent if you add them all up can go toward us not having to have as much cash as somebody else would when we go for the construction loan. – Lance Cayo

With us and a lot of people too is that okay this might be a new route, but it’s not like it’s not anything that we haven’t done. It’s not like we haven’t designed many of these. It’s not like we haven’t built a lot in our past. It’s not like we haven’t had management skills and all that. It’s just you’re combining them in a new route.” – Alex Gore


Alex Gore on why they like wearing 3 hats of architect, developer, and builder:

Because then we only have to deal with our egos and the city.


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