Enoch Sears at the Business of Architecture podcast recently interviewed Architect & Developer Hilary Scruggs of Operative Ventures in San Antonio, TX. Listen to the podcast, see show notes, and see the documentary Hilary discusses at businessofarchitecture.com. See more about Hilary at operativeventures.com.

“I also think that maybe it’s coming from somebody who’s in design and somebody who is interested in architecture, and really cares about what the product is at the end of the day and what that says, it’s important to know, well, “Maybe I don’t need to do this thing,” or “Maybe I don’t need to do that.” I think that, especially, when you’re doing a real estate venture. I try to hit, like 80% of it as a pretty conventional building, and the other 20% is something really special, not necessarily expensive, but maybe expensive in terms labor, or in terms of thought, or in terms of material.” – Hilary Scruggs

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