Podcast Interview with Jonathan Tate of OJT

The National Real Estate Forum recently interviewed Architect & Developer Jonathan Tate about his latest project utilizing crowdfunding. See the article on the NREF website and the project information on Small Change. Listen to the interview below.


Jonathan Tate runs a small architectural practice in New Orleans, Louisiana that prides itself on its experimental approach and its contemporary aesthetic. He has been practicing for 20 years now and has always been interested in housing and so that has been the undercurrent of his practice. He focuses on residential projects across the spectrum whether it is private clients or for a single family house or a multi-family project for affordable housing, and integrates his designs while keep an eye on urban scale issues and urban environments.


The last thing Jonathan ever imagined himself to be was as a developer.  He often saw friction between what development and architectural agendas. The first thing that gets compromised often in that process is the architectural agenda and he enjoys the challenge of trying to exercise an architectural agenda while also addressing the developer’s imperatives. This approach afforded him an appreciation from the consulting side of things of what the pressures were and what the general parameters are around development.

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