Enoch Sears at the Business of Architecture podcast recently interviewed Architect & Developer Zeke Freeman of Root Architecture + Development in Denver, CO. Listen to the two-part podcast, see show notes, and see Zeke’s pro formas at businessofarchitecture.com. See more about Root Architecture + Development at root-ad.com.



“You know, building your own home is one of the really easier things to get in to. It’s very difficult to do and get done and fit into a full life of job, and kids, and career, and all those things, but it is one of those things that’s financially accessible – there’s an FHA loan, there’s a 203k. The great thing about that is they’ll let you know borrow as much construction cost as you want as long as your income can support it, so there’s no after repair value ratio or anything that they look at.” – Zeke Freeman



“When you’re developing a project, it takes cash, experience, and then trust with your network of people that you can get it done. By developing your own house, you can actually get a little bit of cash, which is one of the key things to do. We haven’t sold this house that we’re in yet. We’ve fixed and flipped some other houses up to this point, but we add a little equity into that. That helps now to take out other loans. So, it is key and is helpful, I think, both in cash and in experience, and then also building that network.” – Zeke Freeman


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